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Coffee in El Salvador

Coffee in El Salvador 

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, and 90% of its area is volcanic matter, with 170 volcanoes, 23 of which are active. Coffee plants grown at high altitudes in these nutrient-rich volcanic soils make El Salvador's specialty coffee unique—a bean with balanced acidity and a bright taste. 

El Salvador's Coffee-Growing Regions

Map of EL Salvador's coffee growing regions.

Coffee Varieties in El Salvador 

El Salvador coffee producers are 100% dedicated to growing Arabica coffees.

Arabica varieties are plentiful in The Land of Volcanoes—here are a few of our favorites:

  • Bourbon: An arabica variety of utmost importance known for higher quality potential at higher altitudes. 

  • Pacamaras: Primarily grown in El Salvador, this variety produces a large bean size & an exceptional cup.

  • Pacas: Discovered in El Salvador, a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety accounting for 25 % of the country's coffee production.

Coffee Producer Highlight

Our Producers

Diego Baraona

Cipota Coffee is currently sourcing specialty coffee from Finca Los Pirineos, located in the Tecapa-Chinameca region, which is known for coffee with a good body, high flavor & aroma, and medium acidity. The farm has been operating for five generations and is presently led by its kind-hearted producer, Diego Baraona. Finca Los Pirineos grows 20% Antique Prestigious Arabicas, 70% Elite Bourbon and 10% Pacamara. Environmental sustainability and social responsibility are critical aspects of coffee grown by Los Pirineos. The entirety of the water supply used for the production and processing of the coffee comes from collected rainwater.

Diego provides sustainable work for the people in the communities around Los Pirineos and also makes sure to support their interests outside of work. The women who sort and dry the coffee at the farm approached Diego about their love for soccer. He now sponsors their team and helps design and acquire their uniforms. From time to time, these women take a break from sorting to play soccer amongst themselves. 

Producer - Finca Los Pirineos

Diego Baraona

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