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Founder of Cipota Coffee with her parents with the background being the City of Los Angeles.

Meet the Cipota, Gardenia!

Tradition, Family, & Love <3

Gardenia Rosales’ passion for coffee started as a youth when a vivacious, little seven year old would wake up in the morning to help her dad brew coffee for the family. She has dedicated her life to trying specialty coffees around her hometown of Los Angeles and any places she traveled. Founding Cipota Coffee is a personal endeavor near and dear to her heart. Her Salvadoran parents shared with her the warmth & love of Central American coffee. Cipota is slang for 'girl' in El Salvador. It's an endearing term—so much in fact, she was called it daily as her parents shouted for cafecitos and pan dulces! 

 Cipota Coffee Sources From El Salvador

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